Advice on Picking a Locksmith

If you’re trying to find a trusted locksmith, it’s vital that you do your research and find the ideal pro. Especially in an emergency, it’s essential to know that the locksmith you choose is reliable and reputable.

Choosing a locksmith

There are several easy things you can do to be sure you’re getting a reputable pro for your project:

Get a number of pros to come and quote at the property

It’s essential that you get a range of quotes for your project. By doing this, you’ll be able to identify a reasonable price for the job. It’s also important to get pros to come to the property and inspect the job to quote. This means you’ll get the most accurate quotes, as the pros will be able to properly identify any potential issues.

Check company details

It’s always good to ask tradespeople for proof of their company name and address. This means that you can be confident they’re legitimate and that you’ll always be able to reach them. It’s also important to ask for proof of insurance coverage. We check all of these details for tradespeople who we match you with.

Look for customer reviews

Always check the online reviews for pros that you get quotes from. If they haven’t got any online reviews, ask for references or to see examples of previous work. If you’ve found the tradespeople through our service, just check their profile to see all their previous customer reviews.

Don’t use cold callers

Companies who just turn up at your door unannounced are probably not the best tradespeople you can find. Even if they do carry out good work, how can you trust that they are who they say they are? It’s best to stick to companies who are recommended by friends and family.

Picking a locksmith

Check if they do emergency callouts

Even if you’re looking for a locksmith for a scheduled project, it’s good to check if they can do emergency visits. You’re likely to need a locksmith in a hurry, so it’s worth making sure that the company you choose will be able to come back and help in a pinch.

Ask about trade association memberships

Locksmiths don’t have to be registered with trade associations. However, choosing a member of the Master Locksmiths Association may offer you an extra guarantee against their work.

Doing these things should make your search for a locksmith much easier. If you’re still looking for a trusted local locksmith, fill out the form below and we’ll match you with up to 4 locksmiths in your area.