How to Keep your Home Secure all Year Round

These days, keeping your home secure can seem like a mammoth task. But there are some simple things you can do to deter burglars from targeting your property.

Take a look at our tips on how to keep your home secure, and a couple of things not to do to stay safe.


1. Get better locks

Make sure all the locks on your doors, windows, gates and any other external entrances are up to scratch.

If you need to replace bolts, it’s better to use smart locks. Smart locks allow you to use access codes to get in, which is much more secure.

And you can allow remote access to friends or family that are looking after your home when you’re away.

2. Get outside lighting

Lighting is a great way to deter burglars as they don’t want to be seen carrying out their crime. It also means that cameras can catch any brave intruders in a better light.
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3. Update your home security system

Career burglars are getting better at breaking into homes with standard security systems. Keep your home secure by upgrading your security system and placing vulnerable spots with sensors to catch unwanted visitors out.


1. Check in on Facebook

It might seem bizarre, but there have been a rising number of cases where burglars have targeted homes they know are empty. How do they know they’re empty? They’ve seen someone check in on Facebook in a holiday destination.

All burglars have to do is find a post you’ve made at home to get your location. And when you check in somewhere else, they’ll know the house is empty.

2. Keep your valuables on show

Some valuables are much better off staying in a safe deposit box or a bank. But anything that you have to keep at home, make sure they’re in a discrete place out of sight.

3. Hide your key

Do you keep a key hidden outside your home for friends or family members? Forget about it.

These days, burglars often stake out the houses they’re interested in before they break in. So they could easily find out that ‘secret’ place you hide your key.

As long as you take these simple steps to deter burglars, you should keep your home secure. Make sure you get a locksmith to upgrade your locks and think about getting a security system and CCTV if you don’t already.

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Emily Rivers

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