Which Lock is Best for your Home’s Security?

Choosing a lock is one of the most important things involved in keeping your home safe.

Take a look at the different options available to you when you’re thinking about which lock to choose for your home’s security.



Most people are familiar with padlocks, but aren’t aware that there are different types to choose from. Commonly used for garden sheds, they can keep your gardening tools safe from light fingers and harsh weather conditions.

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  • Re-keyable padlocks: You can open these kinds of padlocks with a key you already own, such as your house key. This can be handy, but it can cause problems if you lose your house keys.
  • Key retaining padlock: This lock will hold the key when the padlock is open, so you won’t misplace it while you’re using the shed or building.
  • Shrouded shackle padlock: This padlock locks down into itself, making the shackle more difficult to be cut into with bolt cutters.

Mortice deadlock

This door lock is the most basic secure option for a front door. Choose a British Standard approved mortice deadlock, to BS 3621, and you could get a reduced home insurance premium.

Multi-point lock

Multi-point locks are more secure that deadlocks, as they bolt from the door directly into the doorframe. They also lock in many different points along the doorframe, so you don’t need lots of different bolts to keep safe.

Night latch

This is a boost to security when teamed with other locks. It automatically locks when the door is closed, so if you ever forget to lock your door at night you can still feel safe knowing that there is still a barrier to people getting in.

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Internal knob locks

These locks are more suited to bathroom or bedroom doors to give you privacy. They should never be used for external doors as they are very easily broken.

Internal lever locks

This kind of lock is similar to a knob lock, but is less fiddly so easier for children or elderly people.


The locks you can have on your windows will depend a lot on the type of window you have decided to have at your property. There are two main types that are commonly used, and each have their own benefits.

Mortice rack bolts

These types of locks works in windows that sit flush to the frame. They can be locked from the inside using a key.

Casement lock

Casement locks fit older, more traditional window types, such as windows that are hinged to the side. The lock secures the window to the frame, but they are weaker than mortice locks.

If you are worried about the security of your windows, consider upgrading to new double glazing.

If you’re still unsure about which lock to choose for your home, seek the advice of a reputable locksmith who will be able to help you decide which locks are best for different areas of your home.

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